Maven UK

We are Maven

A company focused on the design and creation of innovative products for, and by, the modern outdoorsperson. At Maven, we refuse to compromise our mountain town roots to follow the well-worn path to a dollar. We choose instead to make game-changing gear and use it in the places and pursuits that inspire us… every day.

We all know from years in the backcountry that quality, adaptability, and relationships are paramount to any successful outing. So, Maven focuses on the fundamentals – clean, simple designs with the very best modern materials and technologies – to create uncompromising gear.

Maven (mā-vən):


  • A trusted expert
  • One with knowledge based on accumulation of experience.

Founded in 2013 by Brendon Weaver, Mike Lilygren, and Cade Maestas, Maven was the culmination of decades-long experience in the outdoor industry. After seeing product after product being lowered in quality by price points stipulated by retailers, the three decided to strike out on their own. With their combined experience, relationships, and industry knowledge, they set out to build an optics company that revolved around quality and high performance above price point.

The name Maven comes from a shared interest in the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (2000). In the book, Gladwell talks about mavens and how they drive brand momentum. This really stuck with them, and when it was suggested by Cade that they use the name for their newly fledged brand, the group unanimously agreed.